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Apr 10, 2010 10:00am EDT
gm was going under the most people felt the unions had too much and they should have been like toyota workers. these were people who would have been union workers in another day and time. as to the same they wanted benefits -- instead of saying they wanted those benefits, they said they would restrain the country. i think the unions have to reintroduce themselves. most people do not know anything about unions except public employee unions like the one that i work for. bair into the benefits and health care. they resent that as well because we're not giving anything to them. somehow, you have to bring in the old history. i was an intern at the united mine workers in the 1970's. it was great. you have to make it relevant to people today. their idea of a union worker is someone on an assembly line, a white guy in his 50s. you have to make it relevant to young people who work for different places. you have to be on facebook and twitter. you need to make the democrats look like they're respecting you. johnson was always talking with someone else. he did not do anything without checking wit
Apr 17, 2010 10:00am EDT
van' t, nasa agreed to research the cause of toyota's sud that federal money is for fostering growth of the commercial space industry including the development of space stacksies. but if thal results part of the president's stimulus are any indication, command economic policy san inefficient generate of jobs. it goes on had you sign a $340 million deal pop to the spl space staying no by then cheyne intends to conduct an ambitious schedule of flights with its space craft. it doesn't take much imagine nice envision the day where nasa must pay its asian competitor for a large sum for its citizens to ride into orbit as apparentlies. thanks to m. obama the unite will be dependant on is to the day this to to orings foff -- earth's centric activities like the study of the antarctic shrimp -- and anomalies should be left to others. a less-costly nasa should be relieved of to zpo -- on behalf of all americans, floridain's should be sure the president gets the message loud and clear when he host it is corns about the the future of it today in the sunshine state. met no that is -- let me remin
Apr 24, 2010 10:00am EDT
be the maytag repair man waiting for the phone call, but we're more like toyota. >> i appreciate you being here. i very much acknowledge the great results on recruitment. that is a clear sign that the right climate has returned to the civil rights division. we have heard and you have told us about the regular meetings between the career attorneys and the political appointments, so that you have a seamless system, taking the best advice from the career attorneys. we very much appreciate that and applaud your efforts in that regard. i also appreciate that you started with fair lending appeared in these economic times, -- i also appreciate that he started with their lending. -- i also appreciate that you started with fair lending. we did not want to create a climate that is irresponsible -- ss politic i ss politicizati you go back to before world war ii where we had housing programs administered by f.h.a. and the color coding was adapted in red-lining which had at least tried to be justified based pop economic realities but what it did is hold down a class of people. the net result was that wealth
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3